How to survive a long-haul flight

Hello everybody!

Traveling is one of the best things ever. But when it comes to long-haul flights where you´re trapped in a aircraft cabin for hours, it can become easily your worst nightmare.

To make a flight as comfortable as possible I have some tips for you today.

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Upgrade your outfit

I hope you all had a great week!

Today I want to show you how you can easily upgrade you outfit with some decent jewelery!

My current “it piece” is the knot bracelet, that maybe some of you know already! It’s so simple, but beautiful!

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A little Homestory

Hi eyerybody!

Today I want to share a special post with you!

As you may know, since spring this year I’m living in Barcelona. What you maybe don’t know, is how a typical apartment in Barcelona looks like 😉

I love the old, big rooms that you  can find everywhere here. A high ceiling and walls made out of bricks are nothing special in Catalunya.

What I love most about our home is the mix between the original architecture and a touch of modern interior design.

We like to play with decoration to make it our own special place.


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Fridays five

Hello everyone!

Finally weekend! Today I want to show you my top five of this week. These are links and other stuff I found surfing around the web 🙂



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My October Wishlist

Hello everyone!

Today I want to show you my personal little wishlist for october.

It´s getting colder and soon my summer clothes will be packed somewhere hidden in a corner of my wardrobe. But the good news: Season changing is always a good reason for some shopping 🙂

And here are my october favorites:

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Ballet fever – Street Style

How many of us were little ballerinas when we were young? With a tutu and some ballet flats we felt like princesses and danced through life easily.


Source: 500px

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20 Fashion tricks that everybody should know

Hey guys!

What´s better than learning some new (on also old) fashion tips and tricks, that help you save money, time and nerves!


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ASOS Fall Collection – Favorites

Fall is my favorite “Fashion – season”. It´s the mix between the light summer stuff and the warmer pieces for fall and winter that make the magic for me.

Here I show you my “must-have” pieces from the ASOS fall collection.



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How to wear leopard prints

It´s not a secret that the leo print is one of the biggest fall trends this year. It´s an easy way to pimp up every outfit. But what is the right way to wear it? Coats, pants, shoes…. It´s so easy to make big fashion mistakes when it comes to the leo print.

So I want to show you today some really nice inspirations for how to wear the new fall trend!

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Once I was 7 years old…

If we would write a letter to our younger self, what would be written in there?


Would we prepare us to things that will happen? Would we have some good advices for how to deal with school, relationships, friends?

Life can be beautiful. And life can be hard. But what I learned, after many ups and downs, is that everything happens for a reason. I do really believe in this. There were many situations in my life, when I thought that everything is screwed and I can’t find a way out anymore. But right then when I was at the point to give up, something great happened.

When we are young we make mistakes. And this is normal and healthy. How should we get mature persons, if we never do stupid things?

Now that I´m twenty-something, I can look back and be thankful for all the joy and also all the bad things that happened to me (or that I did to myself). I´m in the middle of a journey and I don’t know exactly where it will lead me, but I know that I´m on the right way and I´m so excited to take every step of it.

What I would tell my younger me right now is to laugh a lot, cry if you have to, let people be part of your life, follow your dreams, don´t give up easily, be brave, talk about your feelings and needs and love yourself!

I´m so happy and thankful, that I am where and who I am! And I know, that is was not always easy (not for me, my parents and my friends) but it was worth it!

X X X Livanie`s


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